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Time goes by so fast. I’ve been painting now for over 30 years. Hard to believe really. Where did the time go? But at least i have a collection of works that mark that passage of time. Here it is. 30 years : Une rétrospective. Hope you enjoy it.






07-03-2019  I am so excited. Have you ever heard about Skillshare?

Skillshare.com is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in the Skillshare community to learn cutting-edge skills, network with peers, and discover new opportunities.

But why am I so excited you ask?

I just published my first class, meaning that I will be teaching my very own classes on Skillshare, so that anyone wanting to will be able to follow a painting class, with me, online.

How cool is that! Enroll for my first class, first two months are free.





11-10-2016  An Artist in the making…

Julienne, my niece, recently dropped in for a crash course in watercolor. She had inherited some paints and paper from her grandmother Anita Leblanc who had passed a few years’ back.

During our session I was so moved by her words. She talked about how she enjoyed sifting through her grandmothers’ many notebooks. You see Anita was a late bloomer who had only probably began to paint in her late 50’s. But bloom she did, she was a really good painter, a prolific painter, and there is lot of work and notebooks to show for it.

So a few hours after she left she sent me this. I was so pleased. I could feel the same enthusiasm in Julienne as I had experienced 30 years ago when I had discovered water and colour.

I am so grateful to be able to guide her along and I know Anita would be too!








( le français suit l’anglais)

I recall seeing my first exhibition of watercolors at Université Sainte Anne where I studied. It was of Jean Paul Ladouceur, a Montreal based artist that was a founding member of SCA (Société Canadienne de l’aquarelle).

That was close to 30 years ago.

I ended up studying under him and to this day I still see much of his influence in my work. “Denise paint what you know” he would say. “The skies here are vast” he would remark as we were painting plein air. I never quite understood this comment till I traveled to various places and on my return I would notice the skies and recall his comment.  The skies here are vast and very much present in the landscape.

This series comes from that; it is about where I live and what I know.

Blackbirdfly series

Je me rappelle la première fois que j’ai vu une exposition d’aquarelles à Université Sainte-Anne où j’ai étudié. C’était Jean Paul Ladouceur, un artiste de Montréal et membre fondateur de la SCA (Société Canadienne de l’aquarelle).

Il y a presque 30 ans de cela.

J’ai fini par travailler à ses côtés et encore aujourd’hui je me rends compte qu’il continue d’influencer mon travail. « Denise, peinture ce que tu connais », il me disait. « Les ciels ici sont vastes », il remarquait pendant nos sessions de peinture en plein air. Je n’avais jamais vraiment compris ce commentaire jusqu’à ce que j’ai eu l’occasion de voyager un peu partout, et à mon retour, je regardais le ciel qui me rappelais son commentaire. Les ciels ici sont vastes et font partie intégrante du paysage.

Cette série découle de cette expérience; elle représente où je vis et ce que je connais.

blackbird fly

octobre le 8, 2015

off to Louisiana… New Oleans at the Ten gallery:

ok.. so i am excited about a show I will be having in New Orleans, Louisiana at the TEN gallery with Jonathan Mayers this coming November. I am working on…watercolor on bamboo…I am about halfway through but will show you the finished piece once I am done.

I will be showing 2 new works from the Blackbird fly series. This is the first one…

This is the second piece. It is a watercolour on masonite that measures 2ft x 8ft. It will be cut into 8 panels,  2ft x 1ft and mounted to wall with a 2 inch space between each panel. Should work!! :)) we’ll see.



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  1. Denise, tu me fais chaud au cœur par tes beaux commentaires. Grand-mère LeBlanc aurait été fière de Julienne qui continue sa passion de faire de la peinture qu’elle aimait tant. 💕

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