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An Artist in the making…

Julienne, my niece, recently dropped in for a crash course in watercolor. She had inherited some paints and paper from her grandmother Anita Leblanc who had passed a few years’ back.

During our session I was so moved by her words. She talked about how she enjoyed sifting through her grandmothers’ many notebooks. You see Anita was a late bloomer who had only probably began to paint in her late 50’s. But bloom she did, she was a really good painter, a prolific painter, and there is lot of work and notebooks to show for it.

So a few hours after she left she sent me this. I was so pleased. I could feel the same enthusiasm in Julienne as I had experienced 30 years ago when I had discovered water and colour.

I am so grateful to be able to guide her along and I know Anita would be too!







  1. Denise, tu me fais chaud au cœur par tes beaux commentaires. Grand-mère LeBlanc aurait été fière de Julienne qui continue sa passion de faire de la peinture qu’elle aimait tant. 💕

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