contact me


You are more than welcome to come visit my in-home studio. It is probably best to call ahead but if that isn’t possible you can always try a drop in.

Please give me a call at 902-778-0422 and we can arrange a time that would be convenient for both.

Denise Comeau

767 Comeauville, Highway 1

Digby County, Nova Scotia Canada

phone:  902 778 0422


4 thoughts on “contact me

  1. Hi Denise,
    Love your items that you have. Do you have a store where
    I can look and possibly purchase them? I come up in the summertime and stay in
    Meteghan. Where is your place located? Are you in

    • Hi, i do have a studio but not necessarily open to the public. But do contact me when you came and we can arrange a visit. I only have original art at my studio, all items are bought through society6 and i don’t have them on hand. What exact were you looking for?

  2. Hi Denise,
    A friend just introduced me to your lovely artwork.
    I am wondering where you get all your artwork reproduced on cushions, iPhone. Overs. Etc.
    Ilze Lucis in Halifax

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