fine art print versus a reproduction



Fine art print versus reproduction

In a nutshell… a fine art print is made by hand by an artist. A plate is used and ink is worked on it using a multitude of techniques too many to name here. After the plate is inked by hand it is put through a press by the artist and an original image is printed on a support such as paper. Although there may be multiple prints, each one remains an original work of art because each and every one is hand pulled by the artist and each one may have slight variations that make them unique.

Now, a reproduction is exactly that. It is an image made by machine from an original work of art made by an artist. These remain rather decorative and are not investments like an original work of art would be.

Often the word print is used to identify a reproduction so as a consumer you must be aware of this so you are not fooled. Although reproductions have no investment value they remain, I believe, an affordable way of enjoying decorative images made by artists and as well artists have a way of supplementing their income.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me I will be glad to try to explain.